Thursday, November 29, 2007

Good Day at the office

had a pretty sweet day, winning the fulltilt 20k $200 turbo for like the 3rd time this month for $9.5k and then going onto win the pokerstars 20r for close to $9k. Have to admit i ran like god in the turbo and had some ridiculous suckouts, but played really solid in the 20r apart from a bit of donking around the money bubble.

Looks like this should wrap up the fulltilt monthly leaderboard and means a free 1k for me :))) Should also put me in real contention for the pocketfives monthly plb which would be pretty sick considering its my 1st month playing fulltime as i gave up my job as a trainee financial advisor at the start of the month.

In other news it appears imperium has been banned from fulltiltpoker for taking over/ buying somebodys account deep in the $535 million on tilt. Nobody knows all the details at the minute and obv Imp is one of the sickest players online but this is something that leaves a real sour taste and i completly disagree with.

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Todd said...

Financial Adviser many of these positions are a racket. Most companies just take advantage of you guys. Fuck that.

Quitting was one of the best decisions you could make.

If you got your licenses, that will open up a lot of doors for you, but otherwise staying there would blow.

I interned for AEFA, and saw tons of sketchy shit. I got licensed and started with a real company which has propelled me into better opportunities.

GL with the poker.