Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Well, i thought it was never gonna happen but i finally had a good day at the tables. So far 2008 has been so sik. I'm currently on my biggest downswing ever and nothing has been going right. I was checking my pocketfives profile and i havn't had a single cash over $2k for like 2 months, which for a professional high volume player is insane.
Started with the fulltilt $200 turbo where i got 3rd for around $5,500, lost a/6 vs k/q for 90% of the chips in playbut played/ran pretty well.

At 5am was sitting on 3 final tables and actually had a pretty descent shot at a pocketfives tripple crown. Won the UB $20k guaranteed for starters. Played hu for ages as we both were really deepstacked. Was really in control of the game until i donked a huge pot completly misplaying 3/3 vs k/k. Was down to 10bbs but won a few flips and eventually got it in against him shortstacked 5/5 vs q/j. Good for $5400

Simultaneously was 3 handed in the fulltilt late 30r. Kinda dissapointed with this as at 1 stage i had over 800k with the other 2 guys around 200k each. However i ran 9/9 into 10/10 and a/j into a/a. Busted when i raised the button with k/5cc and lost the lot on a king high flop versus lunatics slowplayed a/a. $3300

Was playing really well in the stars 20r but lost massive pot a/k vs a/j on the final table leaving me around 10bbs. Managed to mount a comeback however and kinda dissapointed with how i busted. Limp shoved around 25bbs blind versus blind with 9/10hh. Guy snap called and lost to a/k. Not horrible and not a massive dog but feel i was playing really well and 25bbs is a really healthy stack for a stars final table. $2400 for 4th and a really needed winning day at the tables.


Moorman1 said...

Congratulations fish

Aidan said...

Bout time too...Nice one Stevie keep on Phishin :) Hope you do the Irish proud in Monte Carlo...If i can get my br up another 15% ill def buy a % of you ....GLGL