Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Quick WSOP Update

So far have played 4 wsop events and made 3 day 2's with 2 cashs. Going into day 2 of the 3k horse tomorrow with a slightly above average stack. Was a really long day today and not much fun for long periods. Made a lot of hands in the 1st 4 levels and ran pretty well to have a 22k stack going to the dinner break. But for the next 3 lvels, couldn't make a hand to save myself and dwindled all the way back down to 10k. Won a pretty big limit holdem hand though in the last level to get back up to 24,500 where i finished the day.

Min cashed my 1st event ($1500 nl) losing a race just into the money a/k vs 9/9 vs another shortstack at the time who later went onto final table the event. Best part of the event was coolering Pab a/a vs k/k in the 1st level. Crazy that the 2 of us were on the same starting table considering the size of the field.

Busted around 4.30pm and dave (sexygee) rung me to say he was coming in for the $2500 round of each (plh / plo) at 5pm. Wasn't that convinced on playing as my omaha game isn't the greatest and i was pretty tired after 2 days of playing the $1500 but with a few mins to go changed my mind and registered. Basically played pretty tight throughout the event as there was no antees involved and i had some super sick omaha players on my tables so i didn't really want to get involved with them with marginal hands. Went pretty deep though eventually busting 20th when playing a 50k stack at 2/4k plo i opened 4/5/6/7 double suited for pot and the bb basically set me in with k/k/9/7 1 suit. Flop came down a/q/7 but i turned a 4 for 2 pair but it gave him a flushdraw, anyways he hit a king on the river and i was gone. o yeah, guy who busted went on to win the event, so guess if i win bot of my busthands i have to bracelets now. Pretty happy with the result though and it was a solid start for the series, 2 for 2 in my 1st 2 events.

Next up was the 5k nl, 15k starting stacks but a pretty tough field. Got up to 28k after the 1st few levels but then bluffed off in a pretty bad spot to bring me back to starting stack. Basically blinded down to about 10k at 200/400 when the loosest guy at the table opened to 1200 utg, stationish player flats the button and i ship in my stack with 8/8. Button simply never has a big hand here and i expect to take the pot right there nearly all the time. Takes the utg player like 5 seconds to announce call and i'm just praying to see a/k and am pretty shocked when he turns over q/j off, whatever, queen on the flop and i'm gone.

Anyways, hopefully i can run good tomorrow in the horse and make another deep run, gl me, 1 time??


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Have you see this guy out in Vegas? Absolutely amazing talent...

There's another video where you see the whole thing get destroyed... Awesome!

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