Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Back Blogging

OK, so basically i have no excuse for leaving this so long and actually have no idea why i have. Think the main reason i have left it so long is because after my good start to the WSOP it all went pear shaped so to speak. Was chip leader in the $3k Horse event approaching the money bubble when i lost 3 huge Stud 8 hands holding 4 to a low and 4 to a flush after 4 cards and not making either on any of the 3 occasions. Ended up with a min cash in that busting shortly after the bubble.

Didn't make a day 2 in any of the other side events but made day 3 in the main event holding an above average 150k stack. Was plain sailing up to day 3 just constantly accumulating and never really playing any huge pots but it wasn't to be ultimately. Playing 180k and 1200/2400 blinds i found a/k in a really good squeeze spot and when the original raiser put in a 4 bet i got it in unfortunatly against his a/a and couldn't get there.

Anyways theres gonna be too much to talk about for 1 blog post so will try to gradually get up to date in the next few days and start blogging again.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Quick WSOP Update

So far have played 4 wsop events and made 3 day 2's with 2 cashs. Going into day 2 of the 3k horse tomorrow with a slightly above average stack. Was a really long day today and not much fun for long periods. Made a lot of hands in the 1st 4 levels and ran pretty well to have a 22k stack going to the dinner break. But for the next 3 lvels, couldn't make a hand to save myself and dwindled all the way back down to 10k. Won a pretty big limit holdem hand though in the last level to get back up to 24,500 where i finished the day.

Min cashed my 1st event ($1500 nl) losing a race just into the money a/k vs 9/9 vs another shortstack at the time who later went onto final table the event. Best part of the event was coolering Pab a/a vs k/k in the 1st level. Crazy that the 2 of us were on the same starting table considering the size of the field.

Busted around 4.30pm and dave (sexygee) rung me to say he was coming in for the $2500 round of each (plh / plo) at 5pm. Wasn't that convinced on playing as my omaha game isn't the greatest and i was pretty tired after 2 days of playing the $1500 but with a few mins to go changed my mind and registered. Basically played pretty tight throughout the event as there was no antees involved and i had some super sick omaha players on my tables so i didn't really want to get involved with them with marginal hands. Went pretty deep though eventually busting 20th when playing a 50k stack at 2/4k plo i opened 4/5/6/7 double suited for pot and the bb basically set me in with k/k/9/7 1 suit. Flop came down a/q/7 but i turned a 4 for 2 pair but it gave him a flushdraw, anyways he hit a king on the river and i was gone. o yeah, guy who busted went on to win the event, so guess if i win bot of my busthands i have to bracelets now. Pretty happy with the result though and it was a solid start for the series, 2 for 2 in my 1st 2 events.

Next up was the 5k nl, 15k starting stacks but a pretty tough field. Got up to 28k after the 1st few levels but then bluffed off in a pretty bad spot to bring me back to starting stack. Basically blinded down to about 10k at 200/400 when the loosest guy at the table opened to 1200 utg, stationish player flats the button and i ship in my stack with 8/8. Button simply never has a big hand here and i expect to take the pot right there nearly all the time. Takes the utg player like 5 seconds to announce call and i'm just praying to see a/k and am pretty shocked when he turns over q/j off, whatever, queen on the flop and i'm gone.

Anyways, hopefully i can run good tomorrow in the horse and make another deep run, gl me, 1 time??

Monday, May 25, 2009


Went to the ufc saturday night which was good fun, as usual there was plenty of alcohol involved and it was a definatly a good night. We were betting on the fights among ourselfs which saw me coming out around a $600 winner, weeee. Still gonna be painful to pay out pab on the berbatov bet though when it becomes official after the champions league final on wednesday.

Pokerwise, not a lot been happening, been grinding 400nl 6 max most of the month and been winning at a descent rate but nothing too exciting. Centrebet have been having quite a few great promotions this month so have been trying to put in a lot of volume there to clear my bonuses and that. Been playing a few tournaments here and there as well and managed to luckbox a win in the stars 109 double chance last week for 9k.

WSOP starts this week as well so starting to get excited for that and will blog about all the events i play there too.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

You got knocked the fuck out

Got to vegas on thursday, but didn't get up to a lot until saturday night when me, pab and moorman went to see the Hatton fight. Atmosphere was electric and it was definatly a very enjoyable night. There were some pretty good fights on the undercard as well but it was obviously a little dissapointing to see ricky get smashed up so convincingly. But all credit to pacman, an absolutly amazing fighter and hope we can all get to see pacman vs mayweather in the near future which should be epic.

After the fight we all went to the nearest bar and started to get on it. Was a pretty messy night, with plenty of shots etc and needless to say come sunday morning nobody was feeling that healthy.

Managed to feel a little better around 6pm and decided to jump in a few of the late sunday tournaments. Got a huge stack in the sunday night horse on ftp but things didn't work out for me in the money and i busted a dissapointing 7th. Found myself itm in both of the big double tournaments when moorman told me if i managed a double final table i'd get 20% of the big double jackpot, and if i luckboxed 2 wins then i'd get 75% which was worth around 20k.

In the 1st one i lost a chiplead race on the final table bubble which left me super short but fortunatly another guy busted on the other table so i scraped out a 9th place finish. This left me in a strange situation as a shortstack with 11 left in the 2nd. A double final table was worth 5k wheras to win the tournament outright was only paying 2800. So obviously the aim was to try to make the final at all costs. So i basically hadda fold in quite a few spots where i'd be shoving or calling off with my <10bb stack. I managed to make the final with 1bb lol and busted shortly after. Was kinda tilted though when i noticed another guy had managed to double final as well so we had to split the bonus each getting 2500ish.

As this was going on i had also been building a stack in the 109 6 max also on ftp. Seemed to be 1 of them tournaments were everything was going right. Got the chiplead around the money bubble and cruised to the final still holding the lead. Got hu pretty even in chips and it was a pretty swingy battle but i felt i was in control of it all the whole way. Eventually won when my a/9 beat his k/k when he was short for $7,500. So was a pretty good sunday considering i only played a handful of tournaments.

Plan for the rest of the month is to play a few turnaments when i feel like it and some 6 max cash the rest of the time. HU cash tables have been really slow lately and i've started playing some 6 max instead and so far have been enjoying it.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Whats been happening

Basically the grind has not went as planned. Had a great start last month quickly showing 20k profit in the 1st week / 10 days but just spent the rest of the month giving it back. Ran really poorly though with holdem manager showing me running like 12k under ev for the month, but i definatly did let my bad run affect me and had a few tilt sessions coming up to the end of the month.

Still decided to go to dublin for the irish open with a few mates though which was good fun. Felt pretty good going into the tournament and had around a 18k stack going into the 1st level of antes and felt i had a descent feel for the table. 1st hand back after break i raised a/9 utg + 1 to 1050 @ 200/400 playing 7 handed. utg + 2 calls and we go hu and see a 9/5/3 flop. I cbet 1550 which he quickly min raises to 3100. At this point i was fairly confident he was bluffing from watching him play. Decided the best course of action was to just call and let him continue his bluff which he had been doing previously. Turn was a 10 and i check called his 4500 bet with the plan of calling all rivers. River 6 and i called his 6k bet only to be shown 6/6 for the rivered set. Bleh

Unfortunatly this left me with 3500 and i looked down at k/js utg next hand and quickly shipped it in. Got it through and won a flip with 6/6 in the bb next hand vs the sb's q/8s. Basically grinded the rest of the day never getting above 15k and finished the day on 12,300 with the average around 22k.

With blinds at 400/800 going into day 2 it was pretty obvous i would either double early or bust. Unfortunatly it was the latter when playing 11kish in the bb it folds around to the sb who limps. I'm shoving here normally pretty wide but can't belieeve my luck when i look down at a real hand in J/J and ship it in. The sb is a pro of some sorts whos been on tv and that b4 who tanks for litterally 5 mins whilst taking a moment or two here and there to give me a stare down b4 calling off 40% of his stack with a/6. Obv ace on the turn and gg me.

Been playing a few online donkaments recently as well prolly because of my lack of motivation for cash at the min. Managed a win in a Stars 109 for 10kish and a 2nd in the fulltilt 100r 6 max for 8500. Cashed for 10kish as well in the scoop $2500 hu busting 13th as well as an even chop in they're weekly sunday hu tournie for $13k last night.

Plan on getting back into the grind this week b4 we go to vegas next thursday for the ricky hatton fight, weeeeeeee. We'll be staying on in vegas after that with the wsop starting about 3 weeks after that, so should start blogging again more frequently when the wsop comes around.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Been back from australia just over a week now and been back grinding. Want to try to make all my expenses and buyins for the wsop between now and may 01st when we fly out to vegas by grinding mainly 2/4 and 3/6. So far the resuts have been encouraging although i havn't been able to play on my usual ipoker skin because it keeps disconnecting me for some reason. Because of this i've been playing mainly on fulltilt the last few days.

Also, eventually got around to getting holdem manager installed and it seems like a fun toy although i don't really have a need for the hud for hu poker. So expect some graphs and that in the future.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Overdue Update

Not been playing anywhere near my usual volume since i've got to sydney and thats prolly the reason for the lack of updates. Still been winning though when i have played but on a smaller scale. For starters its really hard to get action here because of the time difference, so if i sit down at 1pm to play its 2am UK time when there isn't an awful lot of traffic on my usual sites.

Because of this and the fact i'm surrounded by a group of guys playing donkaments have found myself playing a few of these now and then. Last few weeks, i've managed a 4th in the $109 double chance turbo, 4th in the ftops horse $500, 7th in the sunday 100r turbo and a 5th in the Stars wednesday $300. So feels pretty good to have grinded out a bit of a profit from mtts again although i feel it coulda been a lot more if i ran a little better on the finals.
Congrats to the other guys in the house too who have all been crushing, Pab's shipped his 1st tripple crown since we been here, moorman has retook his no.1 ranking on P5'S and shipped his biggest score to date winning the Sunday 100r for 88k, mbn, and JP has shipped the UB $1K.

Weather in sydney has been absolutly horrible last week, with constant rain all week, although its picked up again the last few days and the 1st week we were here it was absolutly scorching. Have been and done a few things around sydney including the bridge climb and going to a 1 day cricket match which just seemed like an excuse for a day out drinking in the sun. Been plenty of drinking going on as well with a few memorable nights and quite a few horrible hangovers.

Should start updating more regularly again now as i expect to be going home in the next few weeks to get my grind on b4 vegas.

O yeah, we're going to vegas 3 weeks early too cause we've managed to get ricky hatton tickets, weeeee :)