Monday, December 17, 2007

EPT Prague Day 2

Get to my table not overly impressed at seeing dmmikkel to my immediate left with chips, but thankfully the table was broken after only a few hands of play.
Recognized nobody at my new table and played pretty tight for a few orbits. Then tight guy raises utg to 2500 (500/1k 200) and gets 3 callers, i call for value in sb with j/8dd. Flop is 10/9/x rainbow and original raiser leads for 2500 again into like a 15k pot. 1 caller and i call as well. Turn is a queen and i lead for 12k, utg guy insta jams about 40k total, other guy after a long think gets out of the way and i call and win vs his set of 9's.
For the next 3 hours i meet next to zero resistance and am just chipping up from raising every other hand. These guys like never played back at all unless they had a hand so it was just so profitable to steal.
Then b4 i know it i'm on the rail 4 spots before the money. Spanish guy had just won a monster pot with k/k vs q/q and had been riding his rush or whatever cause he'd raised my bb + sb the next 2 hands. So it comes round to him in the cutoff and he makes it his standard 5.5k (1/2k 300), i make it around 17k on the button with j/6dd. He flat calls out of position which he had been doing quite a lot and just check folding if he missed so i wasn't overly concerned.
We then get the dreamy flop of 9/8d/5/d and i'm immediatly thinking of my action when he donk leads into me for like 19k, i jam without giving it too much thought and he thinks for a few mins b4 calling with a set, wtf. Even against a set i'm not a huge dog but he makes quads on the turn and its gg me. I think i played the hand fine and on another day i have a 400k stack, a huge chip lead on the money bubble and almost guaranteed a final table.
Looking back now, it was a really fun tournament and good experience in being chipleader of a major tournament and hopefully its not too long before i find myself in similar circumstances again.
Pragues a cool city as well and theres plenty of fun things to spend your money on when you bust these kinda tournies.


Poker10 said...

Hi Stevie, im the Spanish guy :)

It was the first time i raised and cold called a reraise. B4 i just had limped and called a raise once with qks. I did raise a few hands that u cold called with position and overall i think u didnt take profit of that because i won a medium pot vs a few small ones by you (i check raised bluffed u once at turn where u were floating me)

I was with my ipod so i didnt hear your instaallin thats why it took me long to call, when i realized u were in i just was shocked since we were like 3rd and 4th in chips with 60 persons left.

I think u played ur stack very well the all day and got unlucky.

I ended being 17th since there was no bubble at all to take profit of my chips and did loose the 3 key pots i was in after the huge hand. Last one: huge pot me kk vs Aq in preflop for a place at FT.

Poker10 said...

ohh ok i remember i also raised and cold called one more time with JJ both playing a big stack. think i check folded in 2 overcards flop (maybe just one)

Allinstevie said...

Yeah, your right, i had like a/q the time i floated in position, thought you played really well and thought you were a cert for the final table, bad luck with the kings and i'm sure we'll see each other at the tables again