Monday, December 17, 2007

EPT Prague Day 1 (cont)

So i now have a really healthy stack and the antees have just kicked in so i get a little more active, but am still playing a pretty solid straight forward tag game.
So playing of around 40k theres 4 limpers (200/400 100 antee) and i complete in sb with 5/5 and bb checks. I lead for 2k on a q/8/5 2 diamond board and the bb raises to 5.5k, limpers fold and i set him in for around 15k total, i hold vs a/q. Very next hand i'm still stacking my chips when good young agressive player raises to 1200 UTG + 1, fairly tight capable player re-raises to 3600 in mid position and i look down at a/a, think i made it around 12k total and young guy tanks for an eternity b4 jamming 40k, mid position instafolds what he later said was a/k and i avoid a 1 outer and am suddenly chip leader on 100k. Easy game.
Play no other hands of note and finish the day on 122k

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