Sunday, December 16, 2007

EPT Prague Day 1

So i arrived at my day 1 table to find annette15 to my immediate left, not an ideal situation but nothing to be overly concerned with as from previous experience she plays pretty standard in the early stages of tournies.
So i basically fold for a few levels and pick up a few small pots when tight guy opens UTG + 1 to 450 @ 75/150. I flat from mid position with q/q. He leads for 600 on a 6/5/5 flop and i raise to 1600, he thinks for a minute and jams around 8k, i call and hold vs his 8/8.
A few hands later its folded to he button who raises it to 350, i flat call in the bb with a/10hh. I check call his 450 bet on a a/k/3 flop. He then fires 1600 on a 6 turn, i tank for a while b4 setting him in for 10k, he snap calls and i assume i'm drawing dead until he flips a/4 off and i scoop a healthy pot on a harmless river.
Next comes annetes bust hand, really spewy bad player limps at 1/200, i look down at q/q on the button and make it 800, annette re-raises to 2800 from the sb, i immediatly think i'm jamming on her when this guy folds and to my absolute shock the other guy flat calls. I tank for a while and fold. Final action was annette shoving a pretty dry board on the river and the guy calling, annette insta mucked. Not really sure what she could have had here and is as likely to have air as a/k.
K, this is taking longer than i thought, and i gotta go pack and get to the airport so i'll finish tomorrow.

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