Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Havn't been playing as much the last few days, managed an 11th place finish in the Stars Super Tuesday $1k buy in which sucked. Things were going really well for me and i was 2nd in chips with 20 or so left but i then lost q/q vs a/j to a rivered wheel and kinda lost my momentum. Got moved to a new table and the guy to my immediate left kept open shoving everytime i raised and i never had a strong enough hand to look him up. Eventually busted shoving 10bbs with k/j and not being able to suck out on q/q.

Been playing a few tournaments today but feel generally unmotivated and burned out so think i'm gonna take the rest of the week off and just chill out until we leave for prague on sunday, will probably do an update at some stage during the week regarding my progress in the ept event.


james lee said...

Good to see you blogging at last!You should maybe do some posting on the boards forum I am sure everyone there would welcome your contributions.Best of luck with your new career and we might see you in more live tourneys in ireland?

Ingysboy said...

Inspiring stuff Stevie, I hope it all goes well for you. I can't see that it won't.

Good luck in Prague, was there last week-end on a stag do. Crazy city...