Monday, December 3, 2007

Limited Schedule

So after a marathon 12 hour sleeping session to clear the weekends hangover, i was ready for action today. Decided i was going to be selective in my tournaments instead of just regestering for everything going nas per usual.
So never really had more than 4 tables going at any time and was more interested in the Man Utd - Fulham game than the poker for the most part. (Utd won 2-0 btw with ronaldo getting both, weeeeee)
Managed to go deep in the 100r b4 finding myself on the lower end of flush over flush around the money bubble. Scraped into the money regardless but busted shortly after.
Final tabled the $120 bounty on Fulltilt as well and was really in control of the table b4 guy limp shoved over my raise blind on blind with 6/6 and held vs my a/kss. 4th for a little over $2k.
Played 2 sats for the Monday $1k then and managed to get a seat in both so was basically getting paid $800 or so to play but managed to bust early when i couldn't seem to get anything going.
So, not the most exciting of days but prolly a small profit none the less.

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