Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Still running really bad at the donkaments, managed to come 3rd in the 32k the day after i won it but thats about it. Had the worst saturday and sunday in memory. On saturday at 1 stage was chip leader in the money of the fulltilt $300 6 max, big stack on the bubble of the 50r and big stack in the ept copenhagen sattelite. Suddenly my laptop just freezes, and takes forever to reboot. So obv i'm blinded down pretty well in my tournies 30 mins later when i get everything going again. Quickly tilt out of everyhting from pure frustration. Think i have everything ironed out and see a pretty soft $2k step 6 sng to ept warsaw about to kick off so jump in. Obv the exact same thing happens again half way through the sng. fweilsvsjdivoadv;kvcaoeevpd

Was having a few minor problems with my laptop and luckily i ordered a new one a few weeks back and it arrived on monday there so back in buisiness hopefully.

Other news, think i'm gonna go the Drogheda next week for the European Poker Deepstacks tournament. 1500 euro buy in and a really sick structure. Starting stack of 50k chips at 25/50 blinds with a 60 min clock, should be fun.

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mully_85 said...

do u kno of any sats for that deepstack tourney steve?