Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ship a win finally

After having a pretty brutal week since my return from the bahamas i won the Fulltilt 32k yesterday for a little over 12k. Played a real good tournie and found myself among the chip leaders when we got into the money. Maintained that all the way up to the final table bubble when i 4 bet a pretty tight guy all in with a/q and after using up his entire time bank he made the call with jacks and i lost the flip.
So found myself as one of the shortstacks at the final table and just grinded while others were getting knocked out. Then doubled with k/k vs a/10 and again with a/q vs 7/7 and was among the chip leaders with 5 left. Dominated the table then and with 4 left had around 600k chips with the other 3 having between 100-150k.
Busted one of the guys with q/q vs j/j to go into 3 handed play with an overwhelmong chip lead. Got a bit impatient then and proceeded to donk off most of my stack doubling the same guy through 2 hands in a row. Short stack got unlucky to bust when his jacks lost to the other guys 8/8 and we went heads up with me trailing 250k to 750k.
With 25bbs though i still fancied my chances and within 20 mins had grinded him down to around 20bbs when he raised the button and i re-raised with a/j and he jammed. I flopped a flushdraw and turned a jack to beat his 10/10 and ship the win.

So basically, in summary thank god for fulltilt cause stars is obv rigged.

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