Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Not much to update

Got back from the bahamas on saturday and then proceeded to have 1 of my worst sundays ever. Hadn't cashed in any tournies and was only going well in 1 (the sunday 2nd chance), had like top 20 stack on the money bubble, when all of a sudden my internet gos down. Was also in the 200r at the time and a few other random tournies. Phoned a few mates and they were all in the same boat, internet came back on after an hour and of course i had been blinded out or near enough in all my tournies. Had 4 bbs and was in the bb in the sunday 2nd chance.

Had a pretty miserable monday + tuesday as well and just seem to be running bad in general but this is to be expected and not a major problem.

Was planning on playing the GUKPT event in Brighton this week, but feel kinda burned out after all the travelling to and from the bahamas so decided to skip it, though i will definatly be playing quite a few of them this year. Going to skip EPT Dortmund as well but think i'm gonna head to Copenhagen in mid February for their event.

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F-Badger said...


Nothing worse than the net going down in a tourney. I am so lazy taht I still havent organised my free sky broadband to go with the cable one.

Any chance of a link up?