Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Update from the bahamas

Busted day 2 of the main event when i got pretty short and lost a race. Pretty standard, had got up to around 70k on day 1 but lost a big hand near the end of the day to leave me kinda short going into day 2.

Managed to final table the $1k side event though, but could only manage 7th when i lost 2 prety big races. Called an 8bb shove with a/9ss but obv bricked on a k high 2 spade flop vs 8/8 and shoved 11bbs a few hands later with 10/10 but couldn't hold vs a/j. Good for a little over $8k, obv stevie444 who i'm travelling with went and won the whole thing for $73k. Good job we swaped 10% b4 the tournament.

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