Monday, February 11, 2008

Drogheda European Deepstacked Tournament

Played this during the week. Was a really fun tournament with a really sick structure. Was going well, just basicaly grinding most of the day, when i lost a pretty big pot with q/j vs q/10 on a q/j/2 flop vs the French guy who won EPT Prague. This set me back and i ended up getting around 25bbs in pre with a/k vs 9/9 with 5 mins left in day 1 and missing. Going to Copenhagen next Monday so will probably play some online till then.

Been experimenting in some cash games recently too mostly on Ultimate Bet with pretty good results, obviously don't have a huge sample size as of yet but things are looking promising so far.


Poker said...

Hey Stevie,

Im an mid stakes cash player and booking consistantly on FT, and Stars and PLO and NLH

Jus wondering why you chose UB for cash never seen u in FT or Stars at cash?

Hope u run like god for the year :P GLGL


Allinstevie said...

Hey, had tried cash on Stars and Tilt b4 but found them pretty tough even at mid stakes witha lot of solid regulars, tried Ultimate Bet and just found the games there a lot softer although theres never more than 3 or 4 tables running at 600nl.

Poker said...

Yeah the Stars and FT cash games at mid stakes are quiet tough but I use the notes a lot to keep tabs on people ive played as there are a lot of regulars =) Have you tried playing cash on iPoker..Very Soft games there! Are you playing the Irish Open ? Hope you run well in the rest of your live tourneys this year UL in Copenhagen...GLGL