Thursday, February 21, 2008

EPT Copenhagen

Meh, busted with around 30 mins remaining on day 1. Had been extremly card dead all day and my stack kinda flucuated between like 12k and 6k for the 1st 5 levels. Table was playing a bit crazy with a lot of good agreesive scandanavians, so i was just playing tight looking for a good spot.
Found myself playing a 7k stack when i picked up 8/8 on the cutoff and raised to 1200 @ 200/400. The BB immediatly raises enough to set me in. I make the call and find myself in bad shape against J/J. However i get a much needed double up when the board runs out 10/6/6/7/9. Few hands later i pick up a/q in the hijack and make the same raise and guy jams around 5k from the sb. I call pretty quickly and manage to fold vs a/7ss.
Found myself back around the 15k mark when i pick up q/q from early position and make it 1700 @ 300/600. Guy flats from the sb and we see a dreamy flop of q/6/2. He check calls a 2k bet on the flop and check raises me all in on a jack turn. His k/q is drawing dead.
So now i got a stack and start opening a little lighter, however a very good laggy swedish guy is moved to my direct left and seems to be 3 betting everytime i open. Find myself around 24k when i pick up k/9ss and folded to me in the cutoff. I make it my standard 1700 and he makes it his standard 5k re-raise. I insta jam for 24k fully expecting him to fold, but bad timing on my part and he snap calls with a/a and am drawing dead on the a/6/3 flop.
idk, its 1 of them spots were you look kinda foolish when u get called but when they fold most of the time u add a nice little chunck to your stack. Ah well, had fun and will go and enjoy myself in Copenhagen now for a few days as i'm here until sunday. Not sure where my next live tournie will be as ept Warsaw is already sold out and looks like San Remo will be sold out pretty quickly also.

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