Sunday, March 2, 2008

Not much to update

Onlines been pretty much the same as it was b4 the ept. At the minute seems i am building some really nice stacks in tournies and just losing that crucial all in deep. :(

Sunday was a bit of a washout, thought i was in for a nice start to the day when i final tabled the 6pm 6 max tournie on fulltilt. Went into it with double 2nd place chips but managed to take 6th place. Weeee, ran 9/9 into a/a and q/q in a matter of minutes to leave me short and shoved 10bbs with q/k into a/k, Sigh.
At this stage i was 10 tabling and had big stacks in nearly every tournie i was in, soon changed when i got set over setted in the 100r in a 30k pot at 100/200, and lost q/q vs 6/6 in the Brawl for a top 10 stack aproaching the bubble.
Managed to get 35bbs in with a/k vs shaundeebs a/j in the tilt 30r but a rivered jack had me bubbling another tournie.
Had a few small cashs along the way including the million and had my hopes pinned on the $50 6 max tournie were i found myself 3/6 on the final table. Needed a win here to break even for the day or maybe even a small profit. Got in with a/a vs q/9off for the chiplead with 5 left and lost to a rivered straight, grinded for a while b4 lost a/k vs 2/2 to finish 4th.
Pretty frustrating day with plenty of deep runs and what coulda beens, ah well, always next week.

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