Saturday, April 12, 2008

San Remo Update

For starters to all the people who bought a piece of me in Monte Carlo, ty and i play today (Saturday).

San Remo was a pretty fun place. We stayed there for nearly 2 weeks and on week 1 the weather was amazing. Never had a chance to play the main event as it was already sold out. Ran pretty hot in the 500 euro sngs though, cashing 5 of 6 with 2 1sts and 2 2nds.
Played the 2k euro side event also, which had a rediculous 400 entrants and a whopping 200k euro 1st prize. Played really well for the most part and with 40 left had a legit shot at a big score. Was in complete control of my table with solid reads on everyone. However i then managed to run kings into aces in a chiplead pot to bubble. 36 paid. Siigh

Played 5/10 cash for the rest of the week, where i ran ok and never had a losing session. Every table i played on had at least 1 or 2 crazy rich itialians which can't be bad. Heres an example.
Crazy italian limps utg and gets 4 more limps behind. Good young italian makes it 80 euros to play on the button, crazy guy calls and another guy calls behind. Flop comes 10/8/2 (2 hearts), check, check, good player bets 200 euros, back to crazy guy who after a short dwell shoves f0r 2.7k, cold caller gets out of the way and good players snap calls for 2k. Young italian tables k/k and the rich lunatic shows q/7off for no pair no draw. However running hearts are good to ship him the 5k pot. Was fun to play if you could avoid the suckouts.

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