Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Monte Carlo Day 1

Day 1 started pretty well wih a really soft table draw and i managed to chip up to 23k in the first 30 mins. However unfortunatly the table was one of the 1st to break and my 2nd table was a bit tougher and most seemed to know what they were doing. Got myself up to 40k when marcel luske limps utg, utg + 1 lmps, i raise it up to 875 @ 100/200 with a/q off, Everyone folds but marcel. Flop come j/8/7, marcel checks and i check behind, marscel fires 1200 on a 10 turn and i decide to peel 1 off, bink king on the river and i raise his 2k lead to 7200 and he snaps with a set of 7's.
He got payback on me a little later though. Marscel raises to 700 utg @ 150/300, he'd been raise 4 x with his strong hands so i put him on a more marginal hand he wants to see a cheap flop with. I repop it 2225 utg + 2 with a/qoff. He calls and we go to a j/10/7 board. He check calls a 3200 bet from me on the flop. The turn brings another 7, after a bit of deliberation i decide to bet 6k and he tank calls. River brings an ace and he immediatly leads for 3k, theres like 20k + in the pot, after a think i just flat to be shown k/qoff for the straight. Siigh.
For the rest of the day i stayed between 30 - 20k and finished the day on 27,100.

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