Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sunday Day off

so on the day off, i decided to play the sunday donkaments online. Things didn't start great bubbling the warmup and party 300k. But i found myself with a stack and going deep in quite a few of the later ones. Had a small cash in the sunday million, and bubbled the final table of the tilt 17.5k. But had a stack itm in the party hi roller. Got a stack when eisenhower 4 bet 9/10off all in pre into my a/a and never really looked back. Ship the 17k for 1st.
Also had a stack in the late 100r and Fulltilt mulligan, busted mulligan just in the money when my a/k couldn't outrace q/q in a monster pot. And got coolered with 13 left in the 1oor when a 10bb stack shoves and i reshove my 20bb stack with Jacks in the sb only to have the bb wake up with aces. So i didn't get finished online until 7.00am and play starts for day 2 at 1pm.

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