Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Monte Carlo Day 2

Things didn't start off as planned, when i slept through my alarm. Woke up knowing something wasn't right and checked the time, 2.30pm shiiiiiiiit, a quick wash and sprint to the cardroom. Find myself blinded down to exactly 18k with 30 mins left at the 300/600 level.

For 2 levels i mostly just reship on late position raisers to keep myself around the 18-24k mark. Then at 500/1k guy opens from mid position and i look down at a/joff in the sb, i ship in my 19k stack and after a brief dwell he looks me up with a/10cc. We see a pretty sik flop of qc/jc/3 but running bricks ship me the 40k pot. I start to get more active and seem to be getting quite a bit of resspect at the table when the following hand comes up. I's just raised the button with some suited garbage when the next hand i look down at k/k in the cutoff. Make it my standard 3300 @ 600/1200, and the button, a pretty good spanish player flats. Flop comes 6/6/5 and i lead 5,200 which again is smooth called. Turn is a jack and i check raise the guys 14k turn bet all in which he snap folds. Up to 85k.

Things go horrible wrong shortly after when i bluff off aroun 25k on a ah/10h/3/5/qh board with q/j into a turned set of 5's. Very next hand i get a/k off utg and raise again to 4300 @ 800/1600, i get 1 caller in middle position and the button tanks for a bit before shoving for around 40k. I pretty quickly reshove and the flat caller fold. Button flips a dominatd a/qss.
1 time, obv not as the board runs out 7/5/4/a/q, shipping the guy a 90k + pot. When the dust settles i've got 12k left and in the bb next hand.
UTG raises and the shortstack sb shoves for around 25k, i look down at 8/8 crippled and decide to gamble and call off. UTG folds and i'm up against a/k, things are looking promising on a q/3/3/7 board until the king hits the river, standard. Siiiigh, busto 140th place. Such a stupid game.


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