Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Overdue Update

Since Monte Carlo havn't been putting in a huge deal of volume mtt wise, but been going semi deep regularly which is encouraging. Won the Stars Midnight $100 freezeout for just under $12k last week as well as getting to the last 2 tables in the wednesday $300 and tilt $100r 6 max.

Been playing quite a bit of hu cash last few weeks. Mostly $600nl with some $1000nl mixed in. So far the results have been quite encouraging but have only played 15k hands. Played a few hundred $220 hu snsgs on stars too. Apart from a few regulars who are good the standard seems to be pretty bad and i've been killing them so far. Party poker recently added hu sngs as well and wow the standard there is just lol.

Heading to Vegas now in a few weeks for the wsop and lets hope i run good there so i don't come home broke. Lol. Staying with Moorman and a few of his mates for 6 weeks so should be fun as we both like a drink, so should have some good stories anyways.

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