Monday, May 12, 2008

Frustrating Sunday

Things were looking good when i found myself deep in the 1st 2 tournies of the day, the sunday warm up and party poker 300k. However i managed to bluff off a big stack in the warmup and then lost a flip to finish around the 100th mark. Made the final table of the party 300k though,going in with an average stack. However being party, the average stack was 10bbs and i was eliminated 9th shoving a/jss from mid position and running into a/k. 9th place = $4,400, 1st place = $50k

Things were looking really promising however in the full tilt $500 ftopps Heads Up event. Had won my 1st 4 or 5 matchs and was down to the last 32. Was drawn against cmoney a pretty good mtt player and who def seemed capable heads up as well. Things didn't start very well and i quickly lost half my stack. However grinded it back over the next 40 mins and found myself in the chip lead. We got ourself in a race situation then, when he raised the button, i 3 bet a/k, and he 4 bet, i jammed and he called with 10/10. I lose the race and gg me. $2,200 for 22nd.

During this time had been cruising along in the full tilt $150 40k guaranteed which actually had a prizepool of $110k. Made the final somewhat shortish but doubled up with 6 left and won a few nice pots and was in 2nd place with 5 left. Raised a/2cc utg 5 handed which the village idiot in the sb flats, even though he only has 10bbs. Flop comes down kc/x/5c giving me the nut flush draw. Villian has about a pot size bet left after the flop and jams i call. He has k/5dd for a flopped 2 pair which turns into a boat on the turn. Obv i catch my flush on the river when i'm drawing dead. Lost my momentum after that and jammed 11bbs from the sb with q/7dd and lost a 60/40 to a/j. Out in 5th for $6,700 but $25k for 1st.

After that i kinda lost interest, but got a stack in the stars $20 rebuy. Made the final table but donked out in 9th playing some pretty retarded poker.

A profitable day but still dissapointed to not close out something and get a really big payday.

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