Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Quick Update

Still playing more cash than donkaments at the minute. But played a pretty full schedule on sunday.

Managed to final table the party 300k again for the 2nd time in 3 weeks. Was chipleader on the final table bubble but lost a monster race when i got it in with 10's vs a/k and lost. Got to the final table pretty short and busted 7th when i jammed 7's utg and a similar stack called with a/q.

Went pretty deep in the stars $500 tournie. Then this hand came up with around 70 left. Heat raised 8 x from mid position and i jammed 21bbs from the sb with a/k, he snaps with a/joff and gg me, 170k pot.

Pretty sickening to bust this way, heat is some guy from dublin but i have no idea who he is and he obv plays really well.

Arrived in vegas on yesterday and think the 1st event i'm playing will be the World Championship $10k Pot Limit Holdem on Friday

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SluggerWV said...

Congrats on final table! Sorry that the lost race kept you from taking it down