Thursday, June 5, 2008

Update From Vegas

Arrived in vegas last Monday with moorman, Pab and Dave arriving the following morning. The house is really sick and without a doubt one of the nicest places i have ever stayed. Below are a few pictures i've stolen of pabs blog.

So last week all we basically done was drink, play pool / x box and play online. Had a pretty good week online with a 2nd place in a stars $100 freezeout and a 5th in the 100r when my jacks went down to 10's allin pre for the chiplead.
Sunday was another day filled with what coulda beens, final tabled the early 6 max tournie on fulltilt but played really bad and busted 4th. However got off to a really good start in the ipoker $1.5mill guaranteed $1k buyin. Was chipleader for most of the tournie and just built up a huge stack on the bubble with some of the tightest play ever to be seen from the shortstacks.
At the same time i was quietly grinding the stars million and cashed with a pretty short stack. Doubled a few times and ran pretty good and next thing i knew i found myself with a top 10 stack with 100 odd players left.
With ipoker paying a whopping $330k for the win and stars with $200k, things were looking promising for a good start to the trip. However a series of unfortunate events had me finishing 13th place in both tournaments within 30 seconds of each other. Eventually busted stars shoving 14bbs blind on blind with a/7off and running into a/k. And couldn't outrace the invincible k/q with my a/9 on ipoker. Siiigh, someday.
Decided against playing the $10k pot limit on friday as everybody else in the house was having difficulty getting hold of dollars, so the 1st event we all played was yesterdays $2k.

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