Thursday, June 5, 2008

Event 7 $2k NL

Table draw was kinda exactly what i expected with a mix of young and old players. Tournament started with 4000 chips (80bbs) and a 60 minute clock.

Won a few small pots in the 1st level and had arounds 4800 chips when the following hand came up. UTG raises to 300 and gets 2 callers when i look down at aces in the small blind. I repop it to 1200 and utg flat calls, utg + 1 passes and an older weak player flats on the button.

Flop comes down q/10/6 with 2 hearts. Its not the greatest flop in the world but with over 4000 chips in the pot and aroound a pot size bet left i decide to shove. UTG can't get his money in quick enough and the old guy on the button turbo snap calls as well so i know i'm in trouble. UTG flips up J/8hh for a gutter and a flush draw and the button flips q/q for top set. However i manage to bink an ace on the turn and hold for a monster pot early sending me up to around 15,000.

Not a lot happens for the rest of the level and i lose a few small pots from whiffing flops and getting 3 bet and go into level 3 with around 14,000 when the following hand occurs. Joe seebok raises utg at 100/200 to 600, i flat call utg + 1 with a/k and a shortstack shoves from the button for 2800, Mr Seebok folds and i call. Unfortunatly the shortstack flips a/a and has me well and truly crushed. I obviously manage to flop a king though and then turn a flushdraw and bink another king on the river. Running pretty hot so far. n

Doesn't last for long though when guy raises from the hijack and i flat on the button with 8/6dd and the bb defends. Flop comes down 10/8/8 2 spades and the bb open shoves for 3.5k into a 2k pot, original raiser gets out of the way and i make the call. He has k/9ss and gets there on the river to take a little chunk out of my stack.

Go card dead for ages with all my c bets getting picked off and find myself back down to 8k at 200/400/25. I reship a button raise with k/j off which gets through and call a shortie shove with 7/7 which holds vs q/2hh when i hit running quads after the queen flops and go to dinner break with 13.5k.

Come back from dinner at 300/600/50 and pick up k/qo on the hijack. I raise to 1675 and the button who was a bit off a spewtard flat calls and the blinds get out of the way. Flop comes down a/10/x, i consider checking because if i bet and get raised i now have a pretty shortstack and no room to maneouver, however the guy was bad enough to call a shortstack raise with a lot of suited connecter type hands and small to medium pairs. I decide to fire 2575 into the 4200 pot and he snap sets me in. Siiigh.

So i'm back down to 9k and get no playable hands and go through the blinds once. Eventually pick up a/joff after a loosish guy opens from mid position and give him the pile. Hes getting pretty good odds after he makes it 2k and i shove for 7.2 and makes the call with k/10. A king on the flop seals my fate and i bust around 300th from 1600 runners and 160 paid.

GL to Moorman and Dave (sexygee) who both made it to day 2 and are in the money at the minute.

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