Thursday, June 5, 2008

Event 9 $1,500 NL 6 Max

With 3000 starting chips (60bbs) its a really shallow tournament so i went there with the intentions of building a stack early or busting.

We're playing 5 handed as a guy hasn't arrived yet and i raise j/10ss utg 1st hand to 150. Button calls and the bb defends. We see a 9 high flop with 2 spades and i lead about half pot after the bb checks, both fold.

I then fold my small blind and bb to raises and on hand 4 its folded to the cutoff who raises to 150 i re-pop him to 475 on the button with a/k. He then 4 bets to 1400 and i shove. He tank calls with q/q, lol, 1st card on the flop is an ace swiftly followed by a queen and a 10. I miss my gutshot and am elimiated in the 1st 5 mins of play.


SluggerWV said...

Tough break in the tourney. Best of luck in the rest of the series.

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Sharky said...

Hey Stevie good luck in vegas!! sick digs too!, Ive played a few times with you on stars. Im from Lisburn so not too far away!

Cottlad said...

mmmm that villa looks the nutz. I'm heading out on Sunday. I might just cancel my shitty goldcoast reservation and come and see you guys. I'll sleep on the pool tables so no worries there lol.
I'm starting off in the 2500 6max on Monday 16th so might see you around if you're playing that one.

I've started my blog again too.