Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Event 13 $2,500 NL

Started off pretty well. Get dealt a/a early and make it 150 @ 25/50 and get a caller on the button and the bb calls as well. Flop comes 6/4/2 rainbow and i bet 300 when its checked to me and the bb calls and surprisingly the bb calls as well. The button had been pretty active so far and seemed to want to outplay everybody post flop.

Turn is a jack, the bb checks again and i decide to check as well to see what the bb is going to do when the button bets. Button bets 1100 and the bb folds, i decide to flat as i don't want to push out all the hands i'm beating and give him a chance to bluff the river. River comes an offsuit 10 and i check again, he asks how many chips have left. After i tell him around 2500 he bets 1350, i snap him off and he just mucks meaning i don't even have to show my hand.

Table gets broken shortly after this and i'm moved to a new and much tougher table including 2 guys who have a 2nd place finish to their names already this series and TheWacoKid and a bunch of other yong internet pros.

A few hands in i raise a/kdd from the hijack to 150 @ 25/20 and the 1 weakspot at the table repops me to 450 from the cutoff. I decide to just flat call and we see a flop of a/9/4. I check, he bets 700 and quickly re-raise to 1900, he can't get the rest of his 5k chips in quick enough and i make the call. He has a/10 ad i manage to fade a 10 for a healthy 14k stack in the 1st level.

I lose a few pots from c betting and getting 3 bet when the next interesting hand comes up at 100/200. Thomas Kremser (EPT Tournament Director) raises to 600, and a name pro whose name i can't remember flats, solid English women flats on the button and i call with 7/7 in the bb.

Flop comes 9/7/6 2 clubs and after a brief dwell i decide to lead out for 1700. Mr Kremser tanks for a bit and repops me to 4100, the other 2 people in the pot both time bank for several minutes before passing. I pretty quickly shove and he pretty quickly calls off his remaining 6k with a/a and i'm shipped a big pot.

Table breaks again and my new table seems pretty solid with 1 or 2 exceptions who bust pretty quickly. I don't get much going in the next few levels with every raise getting 3 bet and all my 3 bets getting cold 4 bet and find myself with an 18k stack at the dinner break.

The table LAG raises utg to 2000 @ 300/600 and i pick up a/q utg + 1. He'd shown down 7/5off after an utg raise a few orbits before so i'm definatly pretty far ahead of his raising range here. But i don't think with a 30bb stack i can afford to 3 bet here with 8 players behind me so i elect to flat call. The button flat calls as well and both blinds pass. So theres 7500ish in the pot and we see a q/5/2 rainbow board. UTG leads for 4500 and with a 16k stack i just ship it in. Button folds and when utg snaps i know i'm prolly in bad shape. He tables 5/5 for a flopped set and even though i manage to hit another queen on the turn i can't catch a miracle runner runner and am eliminated.

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