Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Event 21 $5000 NL

With a $5k buyin and a 200bb starting stack i was really looking forward to this event. My 1st table seemed pretty tough with Huck Seed and Intervention to my left and everybody else seeming to know what they were doing.
For litterally the 1st 4 levels i played zero interesting pots and my 10k starting stack dwindled away from calling raises in multi ways pots with small pockets hoping to flop a set which never happened. Intervention busted getting his money in with a flopped straight vs 2 pair vs a flushdraw and was promptly replaced by Bond18. The 1 weak spot at the taable was replaced by men the master and my table seemed to be getting even tougher.
Luckily shortly before the 2nd break my table broke and my new table seemed a little softer. So i come back from 2nd break with 6500 and the blinds going up to 150/300 leaving me without a lot of room to maneouver.
Luckily 2nd or 3rd hand back belowabove jams his 2.5k utg and i reship my 6k with a/k off which holds vs k/10, bringing me up to 9k. I then pick up jacks on the button a few hands later and the sb ships in 6k after my 850 open and i manage to hold vs a/qss giving me 16k and a playable stack.
I then raise a/9hh from middle position to 850 and get 1 caller and the bb comes along as well. The bb seemed to be a firly good online player whose name i never caught, but he'd been involved a lot so far with a few 3 bets etc. Board comes q/q/2 and i bet 1450 after its checked to me, guy behind folds and after a brief tank the bb repops me to 4150, i tank for a little while and decide hes full of shit and jam my 15k. He passes fairly quickly.
So i now have a 22k stack and raise j/10ss utg + 1 and everybody folds. Next hand i pick up q/q utg and make it my standard 850 utg playing a 23k stack. 30K stack flats from mid position and the sb jams his 4500 in. I dwell for a minute before anouncing i'm also all in. Flat caller behind basically beats me into the pot and i'm fearing the worst until he flips over J/J, sb tables k/qoff. 1 time dealer!!!!! The flop comes a/k/4, ah well theres still a 40k side pot to worry about. Jack on the turn though and i brick the river and lose a 50k pot at 150/300.
Yeah w/e, f live poker imo.

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Poker said...

Hey Stevie, UL with that GAY J on the turn mate,

I rem a while back u wer asking about getting $$$ into US, Im heading out soon jus wondering how u managed, could you mail me some ideas

CMon Eire for FTW in Main Event :)

Cheers mate!!