Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Back home

K, by the lack of updates its probably obvious that the wsop didn't go all that well. I cashed in the 3k nl playing pretty well for 2 days but never having chips. Lost a/7 vs 6/7 on the bubble and busted shortly after we got into the money shoving 11bbs with 10/j into a/k.

Was in for the minimum in the 1k rebuy (buy in, rebuy at start and double add-on). Basically thought i was free-rolling after i found out dave and pab were in for 10k a piece. Never had a huge stack in the tournament but was always comfortable and got my money in blind on blind in the last level of day 1 with a/a vs a/10hh to bust when he just flopped a flush.

In the 5k 6 max had a really tough opening table with a really good crazy aggro high stakes swede. Won a big pot early and busted Daniel Alea when i flopped a set, lost a few pots then got my entire stack in pre with aces vs queens in level 3, bink the queen on the river to bust.

Played a few of the $1500 crapshoots and can't really remember much about them. Remember i busted 1 of them in level 2, when i raised my 30bb stack 3 x from the cutoff with a/j, cutoff flat called, and the button who was tilting after losing the last pot just shipped in 25bbs. Would normally fold here but just thought his range was so wide and u gotta take chances in these things to go deep, so called and lost to his 10/3off when he just flopped a 10 and held.

Main event - started off like a horror show when i found myself down to 10k from 20k in level 1. Played a really important pot in level 2, where i raised a/9 on the button and the bb defended. Flop came a/q/j and we both checked, turn was a blank but bringing a 3 flush, and he check raised my bet which i called, river bricked and he led into me for 5,5k of my remaining 8k, being the station i am i looked him up and he mucked bring me back upto starting stack again.
Was playing 25k in level 3, 150/300 when everything went wrong. Folds round to guy in mid position playing 14k who raises to 950, i look down at a/a, oh oh, aand repop him to 2925, he ships in his 14k when everybody else folds and i make the obvious call. a/a vs a/k no problems, king on flop and another on turn, down to 11k.
3 Hands later, same guy makes exact same raise utg to 950, i look down at k/k and elect to flat call. Everybody else passes. We see a flop of 6/4/4, he bets full pot, around 2500, i fully expect him to call me with any overpair and ship in my remaining 10k, he says "guess i have to call" and flips over his aces, standard, gg me.

Last 3 weeks comprised of lots of drinking and general messy hangovers. Including a night where we all decided to go to the Orleans and get stupidly drunk and play 1/2nl cash. Me and pab flipped to see who would have position on who and i lost. Managed to go through around 15 buy ins that night and lose somewhere between 3-4k. Obv we all went to the rhyno at like 8am when we were done and not fit to stand.

Online been going ok, but not great, won the 50 1 r/a on fulltilt twice in the last week, including 1 on sunday for just under 10k. Kinda drained after 2 months in vegas of non stop tournament poker so will probably take a week or so off away from donkaments.


Jackyback said...

some sick enough beats there.

Neilc999 said...

thats some unlucky shit, and heres me thinking it only happens online. How is it that you win so many "donkaments" online though? Im in envy of it, despite the fact i never even play tournys it would be great to get an insight in how to get deep in them.

Better luck next year anyway m8



Could you give me a shout if you get a minute please mate.

Many thanks

charles said...

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