Thursday, August 14, 2008

Update Time

Been back from vegas 3 weeks now and not an awful lot has happened to be honest.

Online wise, i've not been putting in much volume in mtts and when i have the results havn't been great. Went pretty deep in quite a few tournaments and had a few final tables here and there but nothing to get overly excited about.

Starting to put in some volume again on the hu cash tables and recently opened up a new ipoker account. Deposited a few k and been trying to grind it up playing mostly 2/4 hu on bluesquare. So far results have been pretty good and the standard seems to be pretty poor with a few exceptions. So the plan at the minute is to try to grind my roll up there and move up in limits.

Not long back from Luton where i flew over to meet up with Moorman, Pab and Dave to play the GKUPT event. Tournament started off really well taking my 10k starting stack up to a peak of 30k in the 1st few levels of play. Then played a pretty huge pot at the time in level 4 or 5 when i flatted a raise pre with 5/5 and got 2/3rds of my stack in on a board reading j/j/5/3 only for the river to repeat the jack and lose to 9's. Grinded a few more levels and busted last level of the day shoving my 10bbs from the button with 5/7cc and running into the bb's 8's. Seeing how we were there for the whole weekend and i busted thursday night, just got pissed up for the next few days. Unlucky Moorman who went deep busting 16th place playing a million chip pot when the chiplead was 550k, hero call didn't work out for him this time.

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