Monday, August 25, 2008

1st week playing cash

Played 100% cash monday through friday with pretty good results considering the stakes i was playing. Played 90% 2/4nl with a little 3/6 all heads up banking a +17.5k week. Standards pretty soft so far and plan on playing mostly 3/6 this week and see if it gets any tougher.

Friday night had a few friends around and we got pissed up and played the wii. How fun is this console, only got it during the week and its like the greatest thing ever.

Saturday was a complete right off due to my raging hangover and on sunday decided to play most of the sunday majors. Was a typical sunday with a few deep runs including a 40th place finish in the party 300k and a deepish run in the million finishing around the 300 mark but as with most sundays it ultimatly finished in a losing day.


Cottlad said...

V nice week Stevie.
Out of many tables/hrs u playing in the week?

Whatever the figures are it's still some going is that.


Will Palango said...

you run too good

Allinstevie said...

playing 4 tables mostly, with 5/6 hours a day monday - friday