Monday, September 1, 2008

2nd week of cash and sunday what coulda beens

Had a kinda weird week playing cash, ran really well on monday to have my biggest winning day to date of + 7k, rest of the week i ran pretty bad and didn't play my best either and tilted way too easy.

Monday + $7k
Tuesday + $700
Wednesday - $2k
Thursday + $2k
Friday - $3k

So ended the week around +4.5k which u can't be too dissapointed about.

Saturday i decided to play a few donkaments after having a pretty shitty day playing cash on friday. Nothing was working out for me here but i ended up with a stack in the mansion $1k 6 max with a few hours left in day 1. Obviously a few of my friends randomly land round to my house with a few bottles of vodka with 1 hour remaining in this and we all start drinking. Finish up on mansion with 85k and 1 of the larger stacks in the tournament.

Wake up Sunday morning with the standard brutal hangover. Don't think i woulda played at all if i didn't have day 2 of mansion to play. Register for a few of the early tournaments but stop registering all together at 7pm as i'm just feeling too ill to play.

Mansion starts of poorly losing half my stack early b4 grinding my way up to 350k without many major confrontations. As is the way with these type of tournies, the structure was excellent all the way through until the latter stages when it became a bit crapshooty. Lost a critical race with around 30 left when my k/q < 4/4 to leave me short with around 15bbs and shoved the button a few orbits later with k/10 and couldn't get there vs a/9 finishing 25th for 5k with 186k for the win.

While all this was happening i had been quietly building a warmup stack. From the money onwards i was always in and around the chiplead. But with around 30 left i kinda messed up my stack by raise folding away around half of it. Tightened up a little and managed to outrace 9/9 with a/q to double with 16 left. Was playing around 15bbs with 12 left when the button raised and i shipped it in with a/10, he snapped with a/q and i was in trouble. Flop came q high and i was drawing basically dead. Turn however came the Ks giving me a flush draw and a gutter and i managed to bink a jack on the river for a lucky double. Won another few pots and went to the final table around 4th in chips with 5million.

Final table started off poorly when i raised k/jcc from mid position with only 1 short stack behind me i would have to call. Obviously he shoves and i didn't get there vs his q/q. Didn't get any other situations or hands and blinded all the way down to around 10bbs when i shoved with 10/10 and the bb called with a/k. Couldn't win this 1 when he hit running hearts to 4 flush me and bust 7th for 21k. As with the nature of tournaments your always gonna feel dissapointed when you don't win and this is no different especially with $135k ftw but 21k is still a pretty good payday and a winning sunday thats hard to come by.

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Eugene said...

Nice score Stevie, it's always nice to see players who have a good attitude and don't let their ego get the best of them. gl