Friday, September 5, 2008


With the wcoop starting on stars in a few hours will probably go back to playing tournies for a few weeks. With huge prize pools on offer every day and bigger prize pools in the regular tournaments there hopefully sould be a few opportunities for some big scores. As well as this have teamed up with moorman and titantom32 in the wcoop team contest on pocketfives which means i'll be donating in the stud and omaha events as well.

Cash has been pretty meh this week as well, booking a 2k win on monday followed by a 3.5k loss on tuesday where i was just on super monkey tilt from the off and shoulda quit early on. Wednesday i never played any poker and thursday made 2.5k, so a small profit so far.

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bigslick said...


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Would you be interested in acting as an affiliate for the online site and also possibly sponsorship from the clubs ? I am sure you are aware IPOKER network (the same as Blue Sq,VC etc) is the biggest in Europe and we now guarantee over £12million a month in tourneys.I am VERY confident I can give you both the BEST affiliate deal for you recommending players but also the BEST "loyalty deal" if you play on IPOKER yourself ?

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