Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Few deep runs

Tried playing a full schedule of donkaments 1st day of wcoop but after a couple of hours of the usual bs / bad beats quickly unregistered from everything else. Since then have only played the wcoop events with a few hu cash tables in the backgound.

WCOOP started off shockingly and didn't record my 1st cash until the $300 hu event, won 1st 3 or 4 rounds pretty convincingly and thought i had a legitimate shot at a deep run. Wasn't to be though, as i lost my next match itm against a poor opponent in super quick time. Lost a lot of my cchips early when my bottom 2 pair got counterfeited and then lost k/k vs 5/5 to get back in the match.

The night after grinded the $500 6 max Pot Limit Holdem for a few hours and slowly built a stack approaching the bubble. Got really lucky itm when a good player raised the cuttoff, i 3 bet the button with q/q, we were really deep, and he 4 bet, got it in and he quickly called with a/a but i binked a queen on the flop to become one of the chipleaders.

Things were comfortable until we got down to about 50 players when i got moved to a tough table and bluffed off a lot of chips. Tightened up considerably and mostly jammed a lot over the loose players opens for the next few hours and started rebuilding my stack. Thought i had the perfect spot to add a lot of chips to my stack, when loose player opens the button and even looser player repops it from sb, i pot it from the bb for about 80% of my stack with a/q but the sb had q/q and i couldn't catch an ace to bust a dissapointing 25th.

Had a few deep runs sunday as well finishing 55th in the ipoker 250k and 35th in the fulltilt 750k , couldn't get anything going deep in either tournie and was really card dead in both. Final tabled the 50 1 rebuy/addon on fulltilt as well but busted 8th losing a chiplead race vs jcamby/pokerpro who obv went on to pick up the win for 10k.

Cash still going pretty well showing around an 8k profit last week.

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