Monday, September 29, 2008

WCOOP Update etc etc

WCOOP went dissapointingly to be honest, few deep runs and few cashs but prolly lost money in it. Don't think i'll play the mixed games to be honest next time around cause i'm mostly a huge fish in these and didn't muster a single cash in any non holdem events. Ended up missing the 5k main event when a group of us headed up to starbane saturday night for a MMA cage fighting night. Was pretty good with a few good fights. However since we were drinking vodka from 6pm, things quickly got messy. Most of the night is a blur after we got back into omagh, but sunday i was in no fit state to play, coupled with the fact tyrone was playing in the all ireland final i decided to skip it. Tir Eoghain Abu!!!

Cash last week was pretty meh. Monday went really well making 15 buyins promptly followed by losing back 10 the next day. Wednesday saw a small profit, and thursday / friday i don't think i coulda run any worse, resulting in my laptop getting smashed up friday afternoon.

Took saturday off and played donkaments sunday. Had to borrow my fathers laptop which isn't the greatest. Resulted in me playing solely on pokerstars as fulltilt kept freezing the laptop. Ran shitty in all the major tournaments, getting in 100bbs preflop vs an absolute idiot with a/k vs a/j in the $500. Also bubbled the early 100r for like the 5th sunday in a row.

As i was only playing stars, ended up playing a lot of the smaller tournaments i wouldn't play because of extra monitor space. Built a huge stack in the 20 1r/a but busted 18th 4 betting a/jdd into another aggressive big stack who called with 7/7. Finished 4th in the $88 4 max tournie losing 10/10 vs a/k for around 70% of the chips in play. Busted 18th in the $50 1r/a shipping 19bbs after a constant cutoff raiser with 5/5 from the button but running into the bbs k/k.

Was in and around the chiplead for most of the 50r. Got to moormans table and he was tilt shoving 50bbs every hand. Got my 40bbs in against his 8/4off with a/ks and managed to hold. Continued to build after that and had a 300k stack approaching the final 2 tables. Bluffed off half my stack with about 13 remaining but managed to double back up when my a/3 got the most rediculous hold ever vs k/qs.

Ended up with 1.2mill 3 handed against 2 good players. Raised 10/10 on the button to 75k at 15/30k and the bb playing 1.5mill repopped it to 300k. I got it in and he quickly called with k/q. Flop came down 10/9/2 and things were looking good till he caught a jack on the river. 12K for 3rd though giving me a winning sunday which is always nice.

Also covers my ept london buyin, flying to london tomorrow morning and meeting up with a pab, moorman, stevie444 etc, so hopefully 1 of us can run good and ship a major live tournie.

1 Time!

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