Friday, October 24, 2008

whats been happening

Since my last post, have hardly played any poker. Flew to london for ept london. Got there a few days b4 it kicked off and got to watch another moorman blowup in the wsope. Joking, but according to Mike "the mouth" Mattasow he coulda got away from his k/k vs Johnny Loddon on the bubble of a huge tournament.

EPT London started off pretty well and i was chipping up pretty nicely, got moved to Gus Hansen and cicky corens table and continued to add to my stack. On my 3rd table of the day though things went downhill, raised 9/7hh from mid position to 800 at 150/300 and the button flat called as did the bb. Flop came down a/k/9 and i shoulda jst check folded but fired around 1700 into a 3kish pot, button flat called and bb passed. Turn was a blank and i'm done with the hnad, but it goes check check. River brings a 7 giving me a shitty 2 pair. So he has around 7500 left with like 6400 in the pot. I tank for a little and set him in. Think i def get a call from worse but he quickly snapped me off with a slowplayed a/a. Was kinda short after that and busted shortly after getting it in with a flushdraw and missing. So that was that.

Me Pab and moorman decided a few days later that we could do with a break from online poker and decided to go to cyprus for a few weeks. Was a good break with plenty of alcohol fueled nights and good weather to boot. Me and Pab also had a 5k bet on Berbatov to score + 20 goals this season for utd in all competitions and think i have a pretty good edge here after he banged in 2 in the champions league the other night. Go Berba 1 time!!!

Got back home wednesday and just lay about but have had 2 pretty good days since winning
around 10 buyins on the hu cash tables.

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