Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Descent Sunday + running good at cash

Played all the usual Sunday donkaments. Went deep in quite a few. Finished a dissapointing 15th in the 100r on stars for 3kish when i was a bigstack from start to finish. 3 Bet folded my stack away in this and busted shipping in 15bbs after a raise and not getting there vs 3/3.
Bubbled the 50r in a pot for the chip lead getting k/k in vs a/q on a queen high board but busting when the river brought another queen.
Went deep in the million but busted around the 200 mark losing a standard flip.
Deep in the mulligan as well but donked off my stack in that and can't even remember how i busted around 30th.
Pulled out a win though in the ipoker 109 double stack for 8100. Got a stack around the bubble and just added to it steadily until the final table. Think i busted almost every person on the final table and had like 60% of the chips in play 4 handed.

So with my ipoker account at a new high, mixed in some 5/10 hu cash on monday with my regular 3/6 + 2/4 tables. Ran really well and managed to bank a + $10k day. Biggest winning day to date.
Tuesday was more of a slog playing the same. Quickly got stuck around 3/4k but put in a really long session to end the day + $2k around 8 hours later.
Today continued my running good and was quickly up around 7k. However played really sloppy towards the end of the session basically giving money away to finish the day +4k.

So far the standard at 5/10 is significantly higher than my regular 3/6 + 2/4 games. Only had 1 player sit with me who was noticeably bad compared to 2/4 where prolly half the players that sit arn't good. So will continue mixing in some 5/10 with the regular games and although its imposiible to continue at my current winrate, hopefully i can continue to beat the game.

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