Thursday, October 30, 2008

Still running goot

Basically what it says on the title. + 13k today, 8k of which came on the hu tables on crypto where i recently deposited. Not an awful lot of traffic here but have been sitting at a few of they're $2/5 hu tables recently waiting on action whilst playing my regular ipoker games. Standard seems pretty poor in all and will definatly keep playing here and try to spin up a roll on this site as well and hopefully move up limits if i continue beeting the games.

1 comment:

Cottlad said...

shit man you run so good. Hows your EV on the cash tables these last couple of days?
Great results anyways :)

What ipoker skin you use out of interest? I take it you on a good rewards programme?

Hope i can get back playing those levels soon...... don't ever get married!! lol