Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Rough Weekend

Not at the tables though. Friday i was at a wedding which was good crack and everybody ended up really drunk. Obviously we were all straight up the road again saturday morning and in the pub promptly for 11am. Full day drinking Jack and coke and i was home in the bed at 10pm. Managed to pay for the whole weekend though with a few lucky football bets including late Everton and Spurs winners.

Sunday was a complete write off and never even thought about playing any of the sunday majors. Monday i got up feeling not much better than sunday but decided to load up a few hu tables around 4 o'clock. Mind wasn't on it though and wasn't playing anywhere near my best. Stopped playing a few hours later after losing a few hundred.

Started feeling a little better around midnight and played a regular hu at 5/10 on crypto for a few hours. Won a 400bb 3bet pot when i called his crai on the turn with top pair and a gutshot vs his bottom pair and he tilted really badly after and i ended up taking around 7.5k off him b4 calling it a night.

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