Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ship da monies

Best week by far at cash,

tuesday after i posted had a really good day on ipoker mostly at 3/6 and 2/4 with some 5/10 clearing just over 12k for the day.

Wednesday was a fun day, had a pretty swingy day on ipoker and was down most of the day b4 a late rally finishing up around $800. Just when i was about to finish up a poor player sat at both my 2/5 tables on cyrpto. I was beating him pretty bad and he asked if i wanted to play 5/10 instead, i agreed. Soon into the game he asked if i would play 4 tables instead of 2, again i obliged. A few hours later he quit me with me around £5,500 in profit.

Today i opened up a new ipoker account on a different skin where they've offered me a better deal. My account there is now in pounds so i deposited £5k to get me started and after a swingy 6 hour session was showing a £3,000 profit. Cyrpto i also had another good day. The guy from the night before sat at 1 of my £2/5 tables and dropped a few buyins. Played another opponent who was pretty good and won a 600bb pot where i'm not sure i played the hand well. Getting it in for that much isn't great but obv when i 4 bet the flop i'm committed. I obv get there anyways seeing how nobody runs better.
So finished the day + £4,000 on cyrpto.

In other news, going to see Kanye West in Belfast saturday so will prolly play some tomorrow and none over the weekend as i expect to be pretty hungover sunday. Big fight saturday night (Calzaghe vs Jones Jr.) as well, so expect to have a house full of drunkards come fight time early sunday morning.

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