Thursday, November 20, 2008


Cash still going pretty well. Heaters definatly over now and its been quite a bit of grinding, which isn't as much fun :(

Last week involved quite a few days of breaking even and think i finished the week a few k in profit.

Played donkaments on sunday with the usual heartbreak. Final tabled the weekly mixed holdem tournament on stars where a win would seen me breaking even for the day but busted 6th 4 betting all in on the turn with just a flushdraw against the bb's turned 2 pair.
Finished 10th in the ipoker Irish Open feeder which paid 4 seats and cash prizes to 7th. Shoved 10bbs from the cutoff with 6/6 and the bb called me with a/k, a rivered king putting the end to that tournament.
Had a few other cashs along the way including a run in the early ftops and the million and ub 200k, had stacks in all of them at one point or another but nothing matterialised busting them all for a small cash.
Just to top of the night i bubbled the 200r on stars finished 47th with 45 paying where i had a top 10 stack from the 2nd break. F Donkaments

This week has been a lot better though at the hu cash tables with me showing a £11.5k profit since monday, a lot of which came this evening on william hill. My opponent got pretty badly tilted early on in the match then joined another table and continued to spew for the next hour resulting in a £4,500 win for me.

Heading off to London on Tuesday to meet up with Pab, Moorman and Clarkatroid. We're all gonna play the GUKPT Main event and prolly the £500 side event on the tuesday night. Wish us luck, about time 1 of us did something at one of these.


Eugene said...

Gl to you guys, hope you finish 1,2 and 3, respectively.

Cottlad said...

yeah stop fookin about ffs and nail it :)