Wednesday, December 3, 2008

GUKPT ( Pretty long)

Arrived in London on Tuesday expecting to play the £500 side event. Unfortunatly the event was sold out by the time we got there and with a 50 player strong alternate list me pab and the troid decided to have a few beers and watch the football instead. Obv we ended up drinking double JD's until 6am, and playing in a crazy self dealt £1 / 1 game where buyins were flying all over the place. Good fun.

Moorman, Gregior, Johne147 and Clarkatroid all played day 1a on Thursday and obv Moorman finished the day as chip leader.

Me and Pab played Friday and i don't think i got above my starting stack the whole day. Flucuated between 10k - 15k for the 1st 4 levels before going for dinner. Raised 7/8cc from mid position 1st hand back after dinner and bet folded a k/8/3 rainbow flop against the tightest women in the world who check raised. Was struggling after that and basically played push fold poker for the next 3 levels. Got my stack from 6k back up to around 14k when loose middle aged guy opens to 2400 @ 400/800 from the hijack, i ship my stack in from the button with a/qdd and he snaps me with 5/5. GG me. Pab finished the day with a huge stack just behind moorman.

Saturday, decided to go play some live cash and rail a bit of day 2. Played £5/10 for like 6 hours and finished + £50, basically made no hands the entire time and had no interesting situations. Meanwhile moorman maintained his impressive run of 9 consecutive day 2's with no cashs losing a 220k flip at 1.5/3k. Pab however managed to build a nice stack and maintain it all the way to the final table going in 5 of 9 i believe.

Unfortunatly on Sunday i was travelling home and was unable to rail Pab at the final table that was paying £180k ftw. Got home pretty tired from the early start and decided to try a few of the sunday donkaments. Started at 7pm and promptly unregistered from everything shortly after 8 cause i had no patience and was playing like a mug basically. Decided catching up on the weeks TV was a better option.

Obv after an epic to and fro hu battle Pab managed to ship the GUKPT final as well. Sick result and well deserved. The £140k not to shabby either. Think they agreed to flatten the payouts a little 4 handed.

Been back playing cash since. Booked a small win on monday and have been battling a bad reg yesterday and today. Was up £5k on him yesterday when he quit me but unfortunatly i donated £2,000 of it back just when i was about to call it a night and a couple of weak players sat at my tables.
Today the same guy i killed yesterday came back and sat on 4 of my tables. He plays pretty aggro but spewy imo and i managed to win another £3,500 from him. Played a pretty long session of about 5 hours straight and was 6 tabling for most of it. Managed to come out +£5,000 when all was said and done which i'm obv happy about.

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