Monday, December 22, 2008

EPT Prague

Got to my starting table and recognised nobody. Didn't play a hand for the 1st orbit but 1 guy had been playing every pot and splahing around quite a bit. Raised a/j from the cutoff to 150 and splasher reraised it to 450, i called. Flop came a/3/4 and he fired 700, i called, turn 2, check check, river repeated the 3 and he fired out a pretty big bet of 2400, couldn't really put him on a hand and it looked like he was just trying to buy the pot with a big bet so i called and he mucked k/q.

Few hands later the cutoff makes it 200 and i call on the button with k/q. Flop comes down k/x/x with 2 diamonds, he checks, i bet 300 and he check raises to 1100, i think a few seconds before making the call. turn is the 8 of diamonds, and he checks and i check behind, rivers a blank and he dwells before checking, i fire out 1600 and he calls and mucks.

Few hands later he raises again to 200 from utg, i call utg+1 with q/q and unfortunatly we go to the flop 6 way when splasher and his mates call as well. Flop comes down k/q/j and its checked around. Turn repeats the jack, and the sb leads for 350, bb folds and utg calls, i make it 1350 and its folded back to the sb who insta calls, and utg also calls after a think. Rivers a blank, and i bet 3400 and again sb snaps and utg folds. He tables a/10 and i'm off to a pretty good start. Maybe coulda got his stack if i bet the flop but don't think i played it that bad.

Table broke shortly after and not a lot happened for the next few levels. Stack fluctuated between 30 and 20k. Shortly after get moved to moormans table and just know theres gonna be fireworks. 1st few hands in i raise a/10 off from mid position to 850 at 150/300. Moorfish obv flicks it in on the button and we go hu to the flop. Comes down q/10/7 and i fire 1400ish and he calls. Turns a deuce or something and i check and he checks behind. River repeats the 7 and i "value bet" 2500ish, he slowrolls me for a minute before calling with q/9cc, wtf, your the best.

So with moorman to my left and blinds up to 200/400 i decide to sit tight for a bit with my 17k stack. Then the perfect situation comes up a few hands later, moorman raises utg to 1200, and its folded to me on the button, i look down at k/k on the button and just know hes never giving me credit for a hand and repop it to 3600. Obv he tanks for a few mins before setting me in. I call and am actually a little dissapointed to see he has an overcard with the a/5dd. Flop comes down 8/7/5 with 2 diamonds and i'm just about to go back up to the room and set fire to moormans clothes but miraculously it bricks out bring me back up to around 36k.

Don't play particularly well for the rest of the day and tried to much to steal blinds when i shouldn't with so many short stacks and wittle down to 25k again where i finsih the day.

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