Sunday, January 11, 2009

WHats been happening

Obviously i still have to finish my prague trip report, which i should get around to in the next few days. Had a pretty eventful christmas with plenty of drinking with friends etc.

December turned out to be a pretty good month at the cash tables even though i played relatively low volume with a week in prague and 10 days off for christmas i still managed to profit around £35k.

Left for the PCA in the bahamas on the 4th of January, played day 1a where i finished the day with 40,800 which was slightly below average. In between day 1a and day 2 i played "The world cup of poker" a pokerstars event with 9 teams from accross the world playing off to decide the "world champions". Think we probably had the strongest team in it and we were all a little dissapointed to bust 5th. Think i made a few marginal decisions when i played and was definatly quite nervous as i'd never played on a TV table before. But it was a pretty good experience anyways.

Day 2 of the pca just really sums up my year at live events. Grinded all day with a shortstack picking my spots really well to keep my stack above the danger zone, then with 202 left and 199 paid raise 10/10 utg when i havn't played a hand in forever, the bb who i had been chatting with a bit sets me in for around 25bbs. Meh its the bubble and he was a descent player with a bigish stack so he definatly doesn't need a huge hand to be doing this so i call and lose to a/j when he binks an ace on the river. Standard.

Flying back to london today, where i'm gonna crash with moorman for a few days before we both fly to australia on thursday for the aussie millions and then onto sydney after that to meet up with pab and a few other friends for a month or so, Should be fun.


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