Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Aussie Millions


Don't think in all the live tournaments i've played i have ever seen a weaker starting table, everybody was just really bad and limping along having a great time everyhand.

Got up to 25k pretty early when random australian limps utg + 1 i make it 725 from mid with a/k and he flats. Flop comes a/kh/4h and he check calls 1100, turn is an offsuit 5 and he check raises my 2200 to 5k, i flat and the rivers a uglyish queen of hearts, he bets 5k again and i just call, he proudly tables his a/10off like its the nuts.

Float between 30k - 40k for the next level when i raise a/kss utg to 850 at 150/300, get 3 callers b4 the bb ships his stack in for 9k, i ship in my 30k and the other 3 guys get out of the way and we're off to the races vs q/q. Flop comes a promising 10 high with two of my suit but i obv have too many outs and the inevitable running bricks come. To make matters worse as i'm counting out the chips to pay the guy he says "thanks for that m8" classy.

2 Hands later and down to 25k its folded to me in the sb and i take a peek at 8/8, with an absolute monkey in the bb i raise it up to 900, he pretty swiftly makes it 3k, have a quick look at his stack which looks around 14k total and ship it in, he insta calls and i think i'm in trouble till he flips a/qoff, he just flops an ace and when its counted out he actally had 17.5k. Shortstacked after that and pick up zero hands and get zero resteal opportunities and eventally shove 11bbs utg +1 with j/10 and get called by a/10 and fail to improve. Another fun live tournament.

Thank god i'm gonna be in australia for a while so i'm not tempted to play anymore stupid live donkaments.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you run just as good as Moorman mate!