Thursday, February 19, 2009

Overdue Update

Not been playing anywhere near my usual volume since i've got to sydney and thats prolly the reason for the lack of updates. Still been winning though when i have played but on a smaller scale. For starters its really hard to get action here because of the time difference, so if i sit down at 1pm to play its 2am UK time when there isn't an awful lot of traffic on my usual sites.

Because of this and the fact i'm surrounded by a group of guys playing donkaments have found myself playing a few of these now and then. Last few weeks, i've managed a 4th in the $109 double chance turbo, 4th in the ftops horse $500, 7th in the sunday 100r turbo and a 5th in the Stars wednesday $300. So feels pretty good to have grinded out a bit of a profit from mtts again although i feel it coulda been a lot more if i ran a little better on the finals.
Congrats to the other guys in the house too who have all been crushing, Pab's shipped his 1st tripple crown since we been here, moorman has retook his no.1 ranking on P5'S and shipped his biggest score to date winning the Sunday 100r for 88k, mbn, and JP has shipped the UB $1K.

Weather in sydney has been absolutly horrible last week, with constant rain all week, although its picked up again the last few days and the 1st week we were here it was absolutly scorching. Have been and done a few things around sydney including the bridge climb and going to a 1 day cricket match which just seemed like an excuse for a day out drinking in the sun. Been plenty of drinking going on as well with a few memorable nights and quite a few horrible hangovers.

Should start updating more regularly again now as i expect to be going home in the next few weeks to get my grind on b4 vegas.

O yeah, we're going to vegas 3 weeks early too cause we've managed to get ricky hatton tickets, weeeee :)

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