Monday, April 20, 2009

Whats been happening

Basically the grind has not went as planned. Had a great start last month quickly showing 20k profit in the 1st week / 10 days but just spent the rest of the month giving it back. Ran really poorly though with holdem manager showing me running like 12k under ev for the month, but i definatly did let my bad run affect me and had a few tilt sessions coming up to the end of the month.

Still decided to go to dublin for the irish open with a few mates though which was good fun. Felt pretty good going into the tournament and had around a 18k stack going into the 1st level of antes and felt i had a descent feel for the table. 1st hand back after break i raised a/9 utg + 1 to 1050 @ 200/400 playing 7 handed. utg + 2 calls and we go hu and see a 9/5/3 flop. I cbet 1550 which he quickly min raises to 3100. At this point i was fairly confident he was bluffing from watching him play. Decided the best course of action was to just call and let him continue his bluff which he had been doing previously. Turn was a 10 and i check called his 4500 bet with the plan of calling all rivers. River 6 and i called his 6k bet only to be shown 6/6 for the rivered set. Bleh

Unfortunatly this left me with 3500 and i looked down at k/js utg next hand and quickly shipped it in. Got it through and won a flip with 6/6 in the bb next hand vs the sb's q/8s. Basically grinded the rest of the day never getting above 15k and finished the day on 12,300 with the average around 22k.

With blinds at 400/800 going into day 2 it was pretty obvous i would either double early or bust. Unfortunatly it was the latter when playing 11kish in the bb it folds around to the sb who limps. I'm shoving here normally pretty wide but can't belieeve my luck when i look down at a real hand in J/J and ship it in. The sb is a pro of some sorts whos been on tv and that b4 who tanks for litterally 5 mins whilst taking a moment or two here and there to give me a stare down b4 calling off 40% of his stack with a/6. Obv ace on the turn and gg me.

Been playing a few online donkaments recently as well prolly because of my lack of motivation for cash at the min. Managed a win in a Stars 109 for 10kish and a 2nd in the fulltilt 100r 6 max for 8500. Cashed for 10kish as well in the scoop $2500 hu busting 13th as well as an even chop in they're weekly sunday hu tournie for $13k last night.

Plan on getting back into the grind this week b4 we go to vegas next thursday for the ricky hatton fight, weeeeeeee. We'll be staying on in vegas after that with the wsop starting about 3 weeks after that, so should start blogging again more frequently when the wsop comes around.

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