Thursday, May 7, 2009

You got knocked the fuck out

Got to vegas on thursday, but didn't get up to a lot until saturday night when me, pab and moorman went to see the Hatton fight. Atmosphere was electric and it was definatly a very enjoyable night. There were some pretty good fights on the undercard as well but it was obviously a little dissapointing to see ricky get smashed up so convincingly. But all credit to pacman, an absolutly amazing fighter and hope we can all get to see pacman vs mayweather in the near future which should be epic.

After the fight we all went to the nearest bar and started to get on it. Was a pretty messy night, with plenty of shots etc and needless to say come sunday morning nobody was feeling that healthy.

Managed to feel a little better around 6pm and decided to jump in a few of the late sunday tournaments. Got a huge stack in the sunday night horse on ftp but things didn't work out for me in the money and i busted a dissapointing 7th. Found myself itm in both of the big double tournaments when moorman told me if i managed a double final table i'd get 20% of the big double jackpot, and if i luckboxed 2 wins then i'd get 75% which was worth around 20k.

In the 1st one i lost a chiplead race on the final table bubble which left me super short but fortunatly another guy busted on the other table so i scraped out a 9th place finish. This left me in a strange situation as a shortstack with 11 left in the 2nd. A double final table was worth 5k wheras to win the tournament outright was only paying 2800. So obviously the aim was to try to make the final at all costs. So i basically hadda fold in quite a few spots where i'd be shoving or calling off with my <10bb stack. I managed to make the final with 1bb lol and busted shortly after. Was kinda tilted though when i noticed another guy had managed to double final as well so we had to split the bonus each getting 2500ish.

As this was going on i had also been building a stack in the 109 6 max also on ftp. Seemed to be 1 of them tournaments were everything was going right. Got the chiplead around the money bubble and cruised to the final still holding the lead. Got hu pretty even in chips and it was a pretty swingy battle but i felt i was in control of it all the whole way. Eventually won when my a/9 beat his k/k when he was short for $7,500. So was a pretty good sunday considering i only played a handful of tournaments.

Plan for the rest of the month is to play a few turnaments when i feel like it and some 6 max cash the rest of the time. HU cash tables have been really slow lately and i've started playing some 6 max instead and so far have been enjoying it.


Anonymous said...

Do you think that Hatton is finished now after he was beaten and beaten easily?

It just seems whenever a good fighter gets beaten convincingly they never return or if they do they are never the same.

Allinstevie said...

yeah, think hes done to be honest, can't see him getting anymore big name fights after 2 convincing losses, time to hang up the gloves imo

dougee said...

that is one SICK Sunday in my eyes anyway, hope Vegas goes well for ya!